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Micro Blood Collection Tube:Clot Activator with Gel Tube (SSGT)
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Micro Blood Collection Tube is mainly used for collection, storage, pretreatment and transportation of capillary blood specimen. SSGT Tube is coated with Clot Activator on the interior of the wall to accelerate blood clotting. A barrier polymer gel is presented at the tube bottom. The density of this material causes it to move upward during centrifugation to the serum-clot interface, where it forms a barrier separating serum from fibrin and cells. SSGT Tube is used for determination in chemistry, serology, immunology, electrolyte testing, etc.

Product Name Micro Blood Collection Tube-Clot Activator with Gel Tube (SSGT)
Material PP
Draw Volume 0.25ML—0.5ML
Cap Color Yellow
Package 100 PCS/Tray; 3000 PCS/Carton
Measurement 515×345×275MM
Shelf Life 2 Years
Others Storage in room temperature. Single use only! Dispose it once used!
Payment Terms T/T
Port Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
Place of Origin Hunan, China (Mainland)
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered

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